Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI: Unlocking your data’s potential and allowing you to act on real-time business information.

Chatbots for Business

Chatbots for Business and in the Workplace What exactly are chatbots? Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to hold a conversation with a person. They are powered by artificial intelligence and are used to simulate conversations with people that are usually tedious or repetitive via a social media platform. They can be broadly classified
What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malicious software that limits or completely blocks a user from accessing or making use of their personal files, system or computer.
Logic Apps Header
Ever wished that all of the applications and services that your business relies on every day could be inter-connected? Look no further, with Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, you can now achieve this as well as much more. Be able to automate many of the common, daily workflows that are already set in place without any

Microsoft Surface Studio

The Microsoft Surface Studio is a riveting personal computer by Microsoft, which is both a gorgeous desktop PC as well as an advanced digital creation tool, all in one single package. This brand new innovative idea of a multi-use product is an attempt to provide an elegant solution to a relatively stagnant work space for
Microsoft Azure – The Foundation for a Competitive Advantage Microsoft’s Azure has an ever-growing collection of cloud services tied to it. Microsoft describes Azure as the ideal foundation for a competitive advantage over your competitors. We are going to investigate and dive in-depth to see how using Azure can give you and your company a

Intel Core X-Series Processors

When your brain is filled with potential ideas and your limitless creativity is flowing, you need a computer system to keep up with you and your thoughts. What you need to conquer all of these dilemmas is the uncompromising performance of a personal computer that is powered by the new Intel Core X-Series processor.
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AMD Naples Server CPU

AMD is to release a high-performance CPU, made especially for servers, codenamed “Naples”. This new CPU is to be built to scale across the cloud data centre and traditional on-premises server configurations.
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