PROACT Services

Ongoing Managed Services of the IT real estate, via our RMM tools and the B-Logic T3 proactive team. Our aim is stability and risk reduction of the IT estate as well as the reduction of reactive tickets.

Proact Managed Services

Our Proact Managed Services are delivered by our team of highly qualified and experienced IT infrastructure specialists. To advise on key decisions as far as your infrastructure is concerned. As well as to proactively monitor the performance of the IT Infrastructure from a productivity and cost perspective. The specialists can then recommend changes if needed. Ultimately, we want to save you money and increase productivity in line with your business requirements. The B-Logic toolset is installed during the transition period. B-Logic will configure the monitoring tools based on Intel/Microsoft's best practices and years of experience managing Microsoft technology. Typically, the tool will monitor key thresholds including CPU, disk and memory. It can also monitor the operating system’s error logs. The RMM tool will also monitor specialised services such as Exchange (Email), databases, SharePoint, etc. The tool can even be customised to monitor the client's specific applications, as required. The PROACT services are product independent. Clients may make use of our Essential Services or use own Firewall/AV/Back-up software or connectivity.

Managed Desktop/Mobility

Monitoring and support for mobile and desktop end-users, be it a laptop, desktop, printer, notebook or phone. Ongoing patch and software release management. A pro-active remedial action of both software and hardware on order to reduce incidents and problems ensuring performance and smooth operations of systems.

Managed Platform Servers

Pro-active application server management - onsite or hosted/cloud. Server patch/release management for onsite or hosted servers. Server performance management. Management of file and print. Overall management and support of the managed OS environment and the agreed resources shared and managed through the OS. Management and support of OS configurations in accordance with agreed application requirements and published customer policies and standards. Manage and control all approved changes within the OS environment in accordance with change management procedures. Review, and if necessary, make recommendations in respect of changes to the OS environment, including any additions and modifications. Overall management and support of the managed virtualisation hypervisor and hardware platforms. Monitor and report on breached thresholds for in scope, instrumented components. Performance and availability will be monitored using the provided toolsets and will be reported in accordance with the standard reporting available within the toolsets.

Managed LAN/WAN

Managed WAN services power your network to securely deliver information with the speed and ease your users need to stay productive:
Proactive monitoring and notification services isolate network faults and recommend corrective actions. Physical management services clear physical issues with access and/or transport. Full management services provide life-cycle monitoring, management, and repair for your entire network. Regular reports will be provided as part of the formal service review processes on all elements of LAN usage.

Managed Security

Provision of a Data Security Service in support of the Customer’s Information Security Policy with respect to the Management and support of the Firewall, Antivirus, and content management solutions deployed in the environment.

Managed Mail

Provision of a data security service in support of the customer’s information security policy with respect to the management and support of the firewall, antivirus, and content management solutions deployed in the environment.

Managed Back-ups/Restore

Backing up business critical data is only 10% of the job done! The restoring is the essential element. There is no use in backing up data if the restore does not work. Backups are a hassle. No one likes to perform them, yet they are the most essential component of the disaster recovery process.

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