Pushing the boundaries of what clients expect from a Managed Service IT Partner.

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4-8 hrs MTR for critical and run-of-the-mill support incidents.

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Clients rate our services as extremely friendly, effective and reliable.

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83% of online tickets submitted to us are resolved within the same day as submission.

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We typically save our clients between 22-44% of their regular IT expenditure.

The B-Logic Managed Services is delivered with passion and complete commitment, in order to meet and exceed our client's expectations.


Our People, Process, Systems and Management ensures that we are able to take-on and transitions 100’s of IT users at a time. Bottom line: We built our Command Center (service platform) to be able to scale and transition end users at no or very little risk to our clients.

Why Us?

We are an experienced team of IT practitioners and collectively we have more than a 100 years experience in providing IT Managed Services and IT Projects. Your IT systems is in safe hands with us.

B-BBEE Status

B-Logic (Pty) Ltd is certified as a "BBBEE Procurement Recognition Level - 100%" Company.
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REACT Services

Fast and effective IT Managed Services for all IT related incidents, requests and problems. Our aim is to achieve the fastest and most effective resolution of tickets possible.

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PROACT Services

Ongoing Managed Services of the IT real estate via our RMM tools and the B-Logic T3 Proactive Team. Our aim is to achieve stability, risk reduction of the IT estate and reduction of reactive tickets.

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Professional Services

Design and delivery of the industry's best practice solutions, advice and projects on time and in budget.

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End 2 End Outsource Services

The Managed Services required to run the IT Infrastructure on an end to end Outsource basis. This is our flagship service and billed by IT user.

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Essential Services

The basic Managed services required to manage an IT Infrastructure based on the SaaS model, giving you the ability to pay as you grow.

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Managed Cloud Services

New age Cloud-based Managed Services provided on an on-demand basis, giving us the ability to scale services to match business size.

Partner Certifications

Microsoft Partner - Gold Midmarket Solution Provider, for the B-LOGIC website.
Microsoft Small Business Specialist logo, for B-LOGIC website.
Cyberroam Gold Partner Logo, for B-LOGIC website.


Doing IT Better
B-Logic, a Certified Midmarket Solution Provider, knows IT systems inside & out and together we can enable your business to reach new heights. We provide our clients with IT solutions that increase efficiency and reduce cost. We manage all of our companies' IT doings. By outsourcing to B-Logic, you get a reliable end to end service for a fixed monthly fee.

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