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Chatbots for Businesses

Chatbots in the workplace and for businesses What exactly are chatbots? Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to hold a conversation with a person. They are powered by artificial intelligence and are used to simulate conversations with people that are usually tedious or repetitive via a social media platform. They can be broadly classified […]

Microsoft Surface Studio

The Microsoft Surface Studio is a new and riveting personal computer by Microsoft, which is both a gorgeous desktop PC as well as an advanced digital creation tool, all in one single package. This innovative idea of a multi-use product is an attempt to provide an elegant solution to a relatively stagnant work space for […]

Azure – Cloud Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup as a service (BaaS) solution, that allows the use of trusted tools on-premises as well as a variety of rich and powerful tools in the cloud too.