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How We Do IT Service Management


Whether you’re executing projects critical to your operating environment or troubleshooting issues, your success defines our success. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure the use of the right technology solutions, strategies and services that will best complement for your business.

To begin answering those questions, let’s break down ITSM into our five areas of concern:

End Users: Employees and customers who use IT services
We all remember when we’ve had a great consumer experience, we also always remember the bad ones. Whether it was sterling customer service at a favourite retailer or receiving a raw meal at a restaurant, these experiences influence how — or if — we engage with the company again 

The same applies for end users and their experience with workplace technology. 

End users expect an easy, seamless digital user-experience so they can spend their time productively and less time troubleshooting and working out issues. This has become especially significant with the advent of COVID-19, as more and more companies are forced to shift up to 40 percent of their workforce to working from home, with end users needing full protected access to business-critical applications from any and all remote locations.  

Services: Hardware and infrastructure management services
For any business, the rapid expansion and development of today’s technology creates unique and serious business challenges for employees and managers alike. IT infrastructure management is the administration and management of crucial operational elements to effectively, efficiently, and proactively utilise technology, information, and data to drive your business forward and optimise operations. These constituents include computers, servers, networks, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities as well as software, processes, policies, staffing, training, security, mobile and virtual functionality as well as cloud-based services. Ideally, we like to closely align IT infrastructure management with the overarching business operations, strategies, and goals

Quality: Solving IT problems effectively and efficiently
Customer Support and IT department problem solving challenges are plentiful and fierce and the need for effective IT solutions is now more crucial than ever.  Both businesses and IT departments need agile network solutions, but are confronted with limited resources, increasingly intricate technology, and a customer base that expects them to be faster, better, and cheaper.  We understands that IT solutions require a strategic problem-solving decision-making agenda and problem solving models that deliver real solutions to real network problems encountered on all levels of the business.

Cost: Getting the most out of an IT budget
Today’s technology leaders are faced with more choices, more requirements and far more risk than the leaders of five years ago. With necessary frameworks to address cybersecurity and regulatory requirements and the number of extra costs that business’ sometimes fail to account for, it may be time to relook at your IT costs and budget.  

Because there are so many essential IT expenditures, it’s often difficult to prioritise what to address within the constraints of you budget. Following a thorough needs assessment and costing analysis, we devise the optimal strategy and structure, ensuring you get the most out of your IT, for less. 

Business: Enabling a company to perform its core functions and achieve its goals
Technology is not unbiased. At its optimal, it is an enabler that assists companies in achieving their business goals. If implemented and used correctly, technology can unleash the true potential of your information systems, but this is also one of the most daunting challenges facing senior managers in the Information Age.

While an alarming number of executives seem to ignore the issue of proper IT governance, a new prototype for the role of information technology in business is slowly emerging, and we are ideally and uniquely equipped to charter your IT journey for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business, while we focus on your IT.