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Microsoft Azure – Machine Learning


Microsoft Azure Machine Learning makes it possible for us as users to create and deploy predictive models as analytics solutions in a fast and easy manner. Machine Learning is referred to as a cloud predictive analytics service and with it, it can increase productivity in the workplace by astonishing levels.

First off, what is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is described as a technique that involves data science that allows computers and devices to use valid, existing data to forecast trends, outcomes and future behaviours. Machine learning has a basic premise that it follows, which is to build algorithms that can both receive and use raw input data and make use of statistical analysis to forecast or predict output values or patterns within an acceptable range.

Using machine learning, we can ensure that computers are learning without being explicitly programmed and that the forecasts or predictions made by these computers can make applications and devices smarter. You can use a plethora of algorithms, provided in a library, to create models and deploy your predictive solutions quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning provides a fully managed service, using advanced tools to model predictive analytics. These analytics can then be deployed as ready-to-consume web services, straight from Azure itself.

Azure’s Machine Learning is the quickest way to create, test, operationalize and manage predictive models that you have assembled. It has everything that you need to deploy your model as a web service as quickly and easily as possible, from completing the predictive analytics solutions in the cloud to the extensively large library of algorithms to choose from as well as a to a studio to build said models.