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The WHY of our business


A word from the MD.

I recently watched a clip by @SimonSinek about the WHY of business, in particular, how Apple operates on this system of ‘why’. Why they make their products, why their products are the best and why we should buy them. So it got me thinking…

Why did we start B-Logic? Why do our clients place their trust in us?

Because we saw that medium-sized business’ could benefit from a company like B-logic that would look at their business and IT strategies holistically and pave a way forward for them.

Businesses in this sector do not have budget for a Chief Technology Officer (Strategist), and an IT Manager, and a Technician(s), and tools etc. So we have developed an offering that wraps this all up into an “IT-Department-as-a-Service. –  That is our Why.

Why do our clients have complete faith in us? Because we problem solve.

My work as MD of B-Logic is managing the constantly changing landscape of IT, our clients’ needs and expectations, and the realistic execution of our services and output. Ensuring that fine balance is always maintained.  Why? To ensure excellence.

In a services-based industry such as ours, the ‘WHY’ is paramount.
There can often be a significant gap between the clients’ expectations and the service providers’ undertaking and subsequent output. Why? Because they don’t understand how the business operates.

This gap, known as the corridor of excellence, is the end goal we focus on when engaging with clients. To be able to align our client’s needs with our output and delivery, this in turn, answers the WHY for the client, why should they engage with us? Because through understanding how our clients business works, having a clear agreement, and employing highly-skilled and motivated engineers; and by maintaining the balance of all of these, there is immediate synchronicity, excellence, understanding and trust. That is why our clients love working with us.