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Tesla AI Day 2022


It is fantastic to see the speed at which innovation is taking place. Only a year ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be developing a bipedal robot.

And one year later, seeing a robot, albeit a bit slow and clunky, very carefully walking out on stage. It is easy to compare the Tesla Optimus if you look at the Atlas Robot from Boston Dynamics when it made its public debut in 2013. And say, wow, it can barely walk. 

However, one significant difference is the progress of one year’s work. And Tesla has something that the Atlas robot does not have, and that is a brain. Tesla has been working on AI on multiple fronts, including the vision technology in their cars and general AI in the Open AI project. Also, they are hoping to ship these at, in Elon’s words, aiming for under the 20 000 USD range. Time will tell, and we watch with anticipation to see where this goes.

The video goes technical quickly but is very interesting if AI interests you. And it gives you a sneak peek into an exciting future ahead and the incredible speed at which things will change very soon.