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Microsoft Azure – Logic Apps


Ever wished that you could connect all of the applications and services that your business relies on every day? Look no further, with Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, you can now do this and much, much more. Be able to automate many of the workflows that are already set in place without any stress or having to write a single line of code. The future of easy accessibility is here.

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps provides you with a means of simplifying and executing scalable integrations and workflows straight to the cloud. There are a plethora of connectors and connections across both on-premises and the cloud, allowing for quick integrations across all servers and protocols. What the Logic Apps does is provides you, as the user, with many visual design tools to both model and automate your processes over a series of steps. This is also known as a workflow.

The advantages of using Logic Apps:

  • It saves you a large portion of your time by simplifying complex and complicated processes with easy to understand and use tools.
  • Create and implement patterns and workflows seamlessly into your workspace, that would usually be chalenging or difficult to impliment with or in code.
  • Templetes help you to get started quickly.
  • Allows for full customisation of your logic apps, with your own custom APIs, code, and actions.
  • Disparate systems can be connected and syncronised across on-premesis and the cloud simultanously.
  • Build off of BizTalk server, API Management, Azure Functions, and Azure Service Bus with integration support of the highest order.