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What constitutes the lawful conditions for processing personal data?

POPIA defines eight conditions entities must adhere to when processing personal information throughout its lifecycle and throughout the entire organization. In brief, they are: ·      Accountability – ensure compliance in respect of all the personal information within your control; ·       Lawfulness – only collect personal information if it is adequate […]

Common misconceptions regarding POPIA

·       POPIA is an “IT thing”, the responsivity of the IT department, or an “IT problem”While paramount to compliance, technology itself is not the only solution – compliance requires that business and IT work closely together to manage data effectively, which at the same time provides a number of business benefits. With […]

How We Do IT Service Management

Whether you’re executing projects critical to your operating environment or troubleshooting issues, your success defines our success. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure the use of the right technology solutions, strategies and services that will best complement for your business. To begin answering those questions, let’s break down ITSM into our […]

Top 10 Tips for safe online shopping this Festive Season

Over the last few years there has been a marked increase in online shopping. And with the ensuing high volumes of transactions, cyber criminals are constantly on the prowl for easily-extractable private user information. With a spike in scams and phishing emails, these attacks are not only financially devastating, but also result in identity theft […]

How Healthy is your IT Infrastructure?

It’s not uncommon for each of us to see our doctor once or twice a year—even if we’re feeling healthy. It’s simply a matter of maintenance to ensure we stay well. These checkups also allow physicians to discover potential problems early, taking a proactive approach to health and offering a better chance of receiving treatment […]

The WHY of our business

A word from the MD. I recently watched a clip by @SimonSinek about the WHY of business, in particular, how Apple operates on this system of ‘why’. Why they make their products, why their products are the best and why we should buy them. So it got me thinking… Why did we start B-Logic? Why […]

The story behind the brand

It all started with Nashua in 1973, where I ‘cut my teeth’ in terms of clients, service delivery, sales and the importance of integrity. It was also a great lesson in selling against the big names at that stage, highlighting the importance of quality service delivery within our industry. With office automation constantly evolving, and […]