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Microsoft Power BI: Unlocking your data


Microsoft Power BI: Unlocking your data’s potential and allowing you to act on real-time business information.

Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence is a self-service cloud-based analytics service, that provides its users whether they are technologically savvy or not with the power and tools for analysing, visualising, aggregating and sharing many forms of data. The interface and programme prides itself in its ease of access and use, enabling just about anyone to analyse and portray data with great speed, efficiency and understanding. The user interface is similar to that of Microsoft Excel’s, has a deep integration with just about every other Microsoft product on the market and requires very little training to make use of. This makes Power BI an extremely versatile and worthwhile tool to pick up for your business.

Creating a dashboard in Microsoft’s Power BI is made simple, thanks to its plethora of connections to many popular business applications. These business applications come complete with pre-built dashboards that you can download and use to help you get your Power BI experience started up and running in no time at all. With just one click on the dashboard, users can explore the data that has been collected in the most simple way possible, with intelligent and intuitive tools that help you to visualise and come to conclusions easily. The data and reports can be viewed from anywhere, thanks to Power BI’s Mobile applications and any updates made on both mobile or desktop will integrate to the other device automatically.

Power BI has the ability to unify all of your business of organisations data into one space, regardless of whether or not the before mentioned data is in the cloud or on-premises. Making use of the Power BI gateways, you can connect many other data sources to the same dashboards that are being used in your Power BI. Examples of such programs that can be connected include SQL Server databases, Analysis Service models and many more data sources. If you are already using other reporting portals and/or applications, you are able to embed the Microsoft Power BI dashboards, graphs and reports for one combined and unique experience.

No matter your position, whether you are a data analyst or just a regular businessman, Power BI allows you to produce high levels of content and to be completely productive, innovative and as creative as possible with whatever you are building. You are able to create reports that really stand out and that communicate your reasons and message effectively while making use of the many built-in visuals and a wide variety of custom and editable visualisations.

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