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The Foundation for a Competitive Advantage


Microsoft Azure: The Foundation for a competitive advantage

Microsoft’s Azure has an ever-growing collection of cloud services tied to it. We are going to investigate their previous bold statement and see how using Azure can give you and your company a competitive advantage or upper hand on your competition.

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that IT professionals and developers use. It is used to deploy, build and manage groups of applications through a global networking of interconnected and linked data centres. Microsoft’s Azure services allow you the freedom to build and deploy whatever your heart desires, with the use of their tools, applications and frameworks of your choice.

We are going to look at a couple of specific scenarios and highlight services and tools that can benefit your company. There is a lot of talk happening revolving specifically around the modern cloud services space (SaaS and IaaS), which will be covered too. Hopefully, this will help you make choices on where to start, where to hold off and how to prepare and plan for the future with Azure.

Microsoft Azure is well-known for being a very good hybrid solution. We also know that most medium-to-large sized companies have kept on-premises infrastructure over the last few years and migrating to a complete cloud-based infrastructure would not make sense, in the cases of most businesses. It allows you to build onto and extend your existing business infrastructure into the cloud, allowing you and your business to leverage existing information and systems. This helps you to build new solutions and services, for both internal company use or for your clients that you work with.

Now we shall take a look at a variety of services and tools that Microsoft Azure allows you to unlock your business potential, either internally or with your business partners.

Microsoft’s Azure service is one that is extremely complex and deeply diverse that allows small to medium businesses to run full cloud or hybrid cloud environments.
IT Professionals and developers have been making use of Microsoft Azure as it is one of the fastest growing collection of integrated cloud services. It is mainly being used to make use of data centres, by building and managing applications through them.

Your choice of tools, deployed anywhere and at any time

Microsoft Azure is one of the easiest to use applications for merging both your on-premises data and cloud data into one. This allows for the use of open source technologies along with consistent hybrid cloud capabilities. What this does for you and your enterprise is that it paves the way for you to strive for and obtain maximum value and portability from all of your current investments. Azure can be integrated and implemented into your company in many ways, shapes and forms. This allows you complete control and power over how you choose to deploy Microsoft Azure into your workplace, with a plethora of tools and ways that you can go about doing it.


Build your applications, in your vision, your way

Microsoft Azure makes good use of and supports a wide and vast variety of frameworks, databases, devices, operating systems and program languages which most companies make use of or have in-depth knowledge of. One very big positive about this is that Azure comes across as very user-friendly to both learn how to use and adapt to in the workplace. What this does for your employees, is it makes them feel confident and comfortable while using Azure, as the tools and open source technologies that are avaliavle to use are that of those that have been used before in the workplace or have prior knowledge on.


Make sure that all of your on-premises data and applications are connected

Microsoft Azure is praised for being able to create a perfect synergy between cloud and on-premises, with complete flexibility and accessibility. You also get hybrid control over all of it, which will help allow you to take your business to the next level of success. Azure makes it such that the hybrid control reaches every corner of your business including all aspects such as management, security, identity management in-application development and across all forms of data platforms.


Extend your cloud and on-premises

Microsoft Azure makes use of the same DevOps tools, APIs, Marketplace content and portals that were already in use for your business, adding to that easy-of-use and low learning curve. What you can then do, is further extend your Azure control into the data centres that you are making use of by making use of Azure Stack. By doing this, it allows you to be able to design, create and build applications that are both hybrid and innovative and that will work on both your cloud and on-premises.


SaaS – Software as a Service
Faster time to value, Serving customers and employees.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
Extending Infrastructure to allow agility, cost savings.

Higher Level Services
Machine Learning and bid data analysis.