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AR & VR in the workplace – Part 1: Augmented Reality

With the age of technology dawning on us, sciences such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could potentially become massive tools for our businesses and in the workplace. They are often mentioned in the same breath, but both share some significant similarities, as well as have their differences. But first, what exactly is Augmented Reality […]

Microsoft Azure – Logic Apps

Ever wished that you could connect all of the applications and services that your business relies on every day? Look no further, with Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, you can now do this and much, much more. Be able to automate many of the workflows that are already set in place without any stress or having […]

The Foundation for a Competitive Advantage

Microsoft Azure: The Foundation for a competitive advantage Microsoft’s Azure has an ever-growing collection of cloud services tied to it. We are going to investigate their previous bold statement and see how using Azure can give you and your company a competitive advantage or upper hand on your competition. Microsoft Azure is a growing collection […]